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Traditional Archery

Osage orange traditional archery longbow

Osage orange longbow

Traditional archery has been a passion of mine for over 15 years. When I started on this journey back in 1999, information was still pretty sparse. The internet wasn’t very user friendly (remember the days of AOL and dial tones) and you didn’t have sites like this that show you step by step how to make bows, sharpen broadheads or make a bowstring. I also didn’t have anyone to show me how it was done so I made plenty of mistakes learning the things that you’ll see demonstrated here.

I’m really proud to have an entire blog and video series on traditional archery so you can quickly learn the things that took me years to master. Learning how to make all your own traditional archery equipment and learning to shoot it accurately though will still take some work. I wish there was a place like this online when I first started but hey, hardship builds character right…

When most people think of traditional archery, they think of a beautifully arced longbow or recurve and some will even think of bow making. You’ll find that here but that’s just the beginning. Below are links to posts and videos that will show you, step by step, how to make a longbow, create beautifull and functional arrows, strings, and all sorts of other traditional archery related projects.

A lot of what you’ll find here shows you how to make stuff – bows, arrows, etc. But, even if you shoot a modern longbow or recurve, you’ll find some useful info here as well. Like tips on shooting traditional bows accurately and how-to projects that are applicable to any traditional bow.

How to make a longbow

This is the premiere video series on how to make a longbow. Here, I show you exactly how to take an Osage orange blank and make your own selfbow from start to finish. My complete list of traditional archery videos is below. Simply click on the link and the video will play on this page.