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Twisted Stave… What’s that all about? In a word, uniqueness. A stave is a wedge shaped hunk of a tree and the precursor to a primitive bow. Since it’s a natural thing it’s often gnarled, full of knots, and yes, twisted. If a would be bowyer is going to get anything useful out of that tangled mass of grain and knots they’ll have to come at it in a different way. They’ll have to recognize and admire the imperfections and see the beauty in the challenge. If they succeed, they’ll have a one of a kind bow in their hands.

We are Twisted Stave Media because that is exactly how we approach our projects. We don’t try to mold it to some preconceived notion of what we think it should be, but rather, seek out the nuances that make it engaging and memorable. Whether it’s a full length documentary or a short tutorial, we strive to get at the things that make it unique. In other words, we tell stories that matter.

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 Sporting Media 
Here at Twisted Stave, hunting and fishing isn’t just a pastime, it’s who we are and where we got started. The enjoyment that we get from being surrounded by nature or chasing game in truly wild country is a very personal thing. There are, however, aspects that we can all appreciate, no matter what we carry in our hands. The way the frost embroiders the margin of a blackberry leaf on a crisp morning like salt on a margarita glass, the intensity of a shorthair on point, the spray off an open face reel when a big fish makes a run. These are the things that we remember; the things that are most important. But unfortunately they’re the things that are rarely captured.  Here at Twisted Stave, we come at it from a different angle, quite literally. We bring these things to the forefront to tell the stories to be remembered.


 Conservation Media 

“One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds”
Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

I never tire of reading Leopold’s writing, so elegant and utterly simple; so poignant and true. But the above quote has always bothered me a little. Not because I have any particular issue with it but because it is so true, and truth is often hard to face. It’s like when someone uninvitedly points out some fault about yourself that you know to be true but, for the most part, have succeeded in keeping tucked safely away in your subconscious. But now it’s out and like any personal fault suddenly called to your attention, you either deal with it or you hide from it.

I got into conservation media because I’m not the kind to hide from a problem, especially one that might affect my children and theirs, as so many conservation matters are likely to do. As a wildlife biologist I am intimately aware of the “wounds” that Leopold hints at. After making the assertion in the quote above, Leopold goes on to say, “Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen.” I’ve made it my mission to, not only give voice to the problems that face conservation, but to bring those stories to life.

I believe there is a beautiful story in every conservation challenge. As conservationists, it often seems that we’re swimming against the tide; that the masses, with their cheap utilities and consumer culture, don’t seem to care. Truth is, they don’t care.. At least not yet.  They don’t care because they don’t know. It’s our job to bring our message to their attention in an inspiring way. It’s our job to show them the beauty, for it is beauty that will inspire action.


Outdoor Education
Twisted Stave Media specializes in producing informative and entertaining outdoor educational material. Check out some of the episodes of “Backcountry College” and the Traditional Archery series above.

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