Archery Tips 4 – Back Tension, Form, Accuracy

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Archery Tips 4 – Back Tension, Form, Accuracy

Back tension and proper alignment is the foundation of good repeatable form and consistent shooting. But, unless you already know what it is, it can be a difficult thing to grasp. What is it exactly? What does it feel like? How do I know if I’m using back tension in my shot? These are all great questions and ones’ that you’ll need to answer. Hopefully this video will help a little.

In this video I explain the mechanics behind back tension and how it helps you develop a consistent and repeatable shot. You can think of it as a kind of structural support, helping to keep your bow at full draw, rather than using muscles alone which can vary tremendously from shot to shot.

Toward the end of the video, I show how I made a “form master” to demonstrate how I use my back to draw the bow rather than my forearm and bicep. You can make one yourself or pick one up at 3 Rivers.

Good shooting, ch

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  1. Zack t January 24, 2018 at 4:17 pm


    Really enjoyed this latest video. These shooting tip videos are outstanding. When I first started shooting trad I went through the “totally instinctive” phase then the Howard Hill “swing draw” thing. I was hit and miss (literally) and felt like I was always fighting becoming a mess of short drawing target panic. Since I started gap shooting and being deliberate in my form my shooting has improved exponentially. I think the tips you give are the best foundation for early success with a bare bow. Thanks and best- enjoying your new book btw,


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