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Casting Animal Tracks

Casting animal tracks with kids is a great way to get them outdoors and excited to learn about the wildlife that surrounds us. We live out in the country where we can just walk out our back door and find a variety of animal tracks, from mule deer to coyote and raccoon. But, even if you live in a neighborhood or large city, you won’t have to go far to find tracks. Vacant lots, field edges, and stream banks are a great place to look.

Young kids need something to keep them engaged; something they can get their hands into. Casting a few of the tracks they find on a days outing gives them some thing tangible that they can take home and show their friends. My two boys spent several hours out looking around our place the other day. They were wading the creek and looking under bushes for deer tracks or whatever they might find.

All you need is a few strips of cardboard to make rings (to hold the casting as it cures), and some dental molding or other casting plaster. You can find this online or, sometimes, at your local craft store. This short video will show you how to cast the animal tracks they find!

Also, you might be interested in watching these boys gather up some wild edibles and cook them up over a fire!

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